Aged or Selected by Owner Sid Cook

Various cheeses aged and selected by Master Cheesemaker and owner, Sid Cook. Please check shiping map for appropriate delivery expectations. We will not ship packages in the same week they are ordered if they will not be delivered by the weekend. Prices are listed per pound but will only charge for what you receive.

Product Product code Price  
Asiago ASIAG


Baby Swiss BABYS


Beer Kaese BKASEA


Butter Kaese BKASE


Chocolate Cheese CHOCO




Cured Brick BRCUR


Farmers Cheese Farmers Cheese (Low Fat) FARM


Gruyere GRUY


Limburger -8 oz LIMBU


Medium Brick Medium Brick BRMED


Mild Brick Cheese Mild Brick BRMIL


Mozzarella MOZZ


Mozzarella Whips Mozzarella Whips MOZZW


Muenster MUENS


Parmesan PARM


Bacon Cheese PROBA


Salami Cheese PROSA


Provolone PROVO


Rope Cheese Plain ROPEP