Goat Milk Cheeses

This category is not limited to familiar soft, fresh Chevre. Our goat cheeses are hand crafted and aged to be completely unique. Some people say goat cheeses are easier to digest. We say they're just plain delicious! Please check shipping map for delivery expectations. We will not ship packages out the same week they are ordered if they will not be delivered before the weekend. Prices are listed per pound but will only charge for what you receive.

Bandaged Billy


Price: $16.50 per pound

Made in the American tradition, these goat milk wheels are bandage-wrapped and cave aged to achieve a flavor that's pleasant, clean and slightly earthy. This cheese took 1st Place at the 2010 World Cheese Contest and 1st Place at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair.

Baraboo Blue


Price: $18.25 per pound

An American Masterpiece that is a bright white goat cheese with tones of blue, like the glaciers that once covered the Baraboo bluffs. A new goat milk bleu with a firm body, pungent bleu flavor with a sweet, complex finish.

Billy Blue


Price: $18.25 per pound

Made from the fresh milk of pasture grazed Wisconsin goats, it's aged four months.  You'll love its distinctive bleu flavor and delightful creamy texture.  This cheese took 2nd Place at the 2009 American Cheese Society Competition.  Most recently took a...[more]

Billy Blue - Smoked


Price: $19.15 per pound

This fresh goat milk bleu cheese is aged for four months and then smoked with apple chips. You'll love is distinctive bleu flavor, delightful creamy texture and mild smoky flavor.

Black Goat Truffle


Price: $18.95 per pound

This cheese is made from fresh goat milk and has a pungent, earthy aroma. The flavor from black truffles blends deliciously with the sweetness of a fresh goat cheese. The texture is firm; it shreds well and is great on salads, burgers and vegetables. Took 2nd Place at the...[more]

Cocoa Cardona


Price: $16.25 per pound

Chocolate and cheese unite beautifully in this award-winning American Original. Featuring our delicious Cardona aged and rubbed with cocoa powder. The cocoa flavor is subtle, the rind a lovely brown, and the end result like nothing you've ever tasted. It took 1st Place at the...[more]

Sweet Vanilla Cardona


Price: $16.95 per pound

A delicious and unique sweet vanilla goat milk cheese with hints of caramel, coconut, and nutmeg. Has a unique mix of vanilla sugar on the rind and vanilla bean throughout. Took 1st Place at the 2011 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest and 3rd Place at the 2011 American Cheese...[more]

Chevre au Lait


Price: $14.25 per pound

Made with 100% goat milk, this unique gouda style cheese is aged for extra flavor. Excellent table and snacking cheese. This wonderful goat milk cheese took 1st place at the 2009 American Cheese Society Competition and 3rd Place at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Goat Cheddar


Price: $12.00 per pound

A Cheddar-style cheese for goat milk cheese lovers. Formulated by our master cheesemaker to have a soft creamy pliable body with a pleasant mild goat milk flavor. Took 2nd Place at the 2007 and 2009 American Cheese Society Competition.

Apple Smoked Goat


Price: $14.15 per pound

This goat milk cheddar cheese is apple-wood smoked to create a light smoky flavor perfectly balanced with the goat milk cheddar.