Goat Milk Cheeses

This category is not limited to familiar soft, fresh Chevre. Our goat cheeses are hand crafted and aged to be completely unique. Some people say goat cheeses are easier to digest. We say they're just plain delicious! Please check shipping map for delivery expectations. We will not ship packages out the same week they are ordered if they will not be delivered before the weekend. Prices are listed per pound but will only charge for what you receive.

Product Product code Price  
Bandaged Billy BANDB


Baraboo Blue Goat Cheese Baraboo Blue BARBLUE


Billy Blue BILLYB


Smoked Billy Blue Billy Blue - Smoked BILLYBSMK


Black Goat Truffle BLACKGT


Cardona CARDO


Aged Cardona ACARDO


Cave Aged Cardona CAVACA


Cocoa Cardona COCOA


Sweet Vanilla Cardona CARDOVAN


Chevre au Lait CHEV


Goat Cheddar Goat Cheddar CHGOAT


Apple Smoked Goat ASMGOAT


Goat Feta GOFETA


River Bend Goat RBGOAT


Snow White Goat Cheddar Snow White Goat Cheddar SWGCH