Mixed Milk Cheeses

These uniquely flavorful cheese are made with blends of cow, sheep and goat milk. Please check shipping map for delivery expectations. We will not ship packages the same week they are ordered if they will not be delivered by the weekend. Prices are listed per pound but will only charge for what you receive.



Price: $16.80 per pound

A sheep, goat, and cow milk; hickory-smoked and brown-rind cheese with a gentle smoked flavor that perfectly balances with the sweetness of this semi-soft cheese. Airco Cheese has won many awards including 1st Place at the 2011 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, 4th Place at...[more]



Price: $16.25 per pound

Benedictine is a washed rind cheese made with fresh sheep, goat and cow milk. It is cellar cured and hand rubbed for 12 weeks before packaging. The flavor explodes with intensity. Among many awards, Benedictine has taken 2nd Place at the 2010 American Cheese Society...[more]

Bessie's Blend


Price: $13.60 per pound

A wonderful combination of goat and cow milk. The wheels are cured for 4 months and then dipped in brown wax. The body is firm and the flavor has a nutty but pleasant taste. It has a very nice melt for sauces and is a wonderful eating cheese. Bessie's Blend took 1st Place at...[more]



Price: $16.25 per pound

A firm, Parmesan-like cheese, Canaria develops a wonderful fruity, nutty flavor from gentle curing in olive oil. Made with sheep, goat and cow milk, Canaria took 2nd Place at the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition and most recently took a Silver Medal at the 2011 World...[more]

Gran Canaria


Price: $18.25 per pound

A sheep, goat and cow milk cheese, aged longer - at least 2 years - this olive oil cured specialty is a real winner. It's fruity, nutty, intense, sweet and pungent all at the same time. Gran Canaria was a judges favorite as it took the prestigious "Best of Show" at the 2004...[more]



Price: $15.25 per pound

The French verb meaning to mix, this cheese is made with sheep, goat and cow milk blended together. This cheese has an amazing complexity where flavors from all three milks can be detected. Won 3rd Place at the 2009 American Cheese Society competition.

Caso Bolo Mellage


Price: $17.50 per pound

Made with sheep, goat and cow milk, in 3# balls, it is aged two years and cut into wedges. Its flavor is complex, pleasing and has a nutty finish. This cheese recently took 1st place at the 2011 American Cheese Society Competition and a Gold Medal at the 2011 World Cheese...[more]

Cave Aged Mellage


Price: $19.25 per pound

Cured in specially designed aging caves, it develops the flavor complexity of sheep milk cheese with a slight goat finish. Cave Aged Mellage is made with a blend of sheep, goat and cow milk. This cheese won 1st Place at the 2011 American Cheese Society Competition as well as a...[more]



Price: $16.25 per pound

This mixed-milk beauty is aged for intense flavor and a drier texture. It's dipped in a lovely wax as vibrant and green as Wisconsin's summertime pastures. This cheese won a 1st Place ribbon at the 2009 World Cheese Competition, a Bronze Medal at the 2011 World Cheese Awards,...[more]



Price: $16.25 per pound

Sid's whimsically delicious take on the famous French cheese, Morbier. Our version features a layer of sheep milk cheese and a layer of goat milk cheese separated by a layer of grape vine ash and pressed together. The flavor is both delicate and rustic. Taste each layer...[more]