Sheep Milk Cheeses

Sheep dairying is a small but growing niche in Wisconsin, and we just love the cheeses we've created with this flavorful, high-butterfat milk. Please check shipping map for appropriate delivery expectations. We will not ship packages out the same week they are ordered if they will not arrive before a weekend. Prices are listed per pound and may vary in size but will only charge for what you receive.

Ba Ba Blue


Price: $18.50 per pound

A native Wisconsin sheep milk blue cheese, aged four months for intense "bleu" flavor. This cheese took 2nd Place at the 2008 American Cheese Society Competition.

Smoked Ba Ba Blue


Price: $19.50 per pound

A native Wisconsin sheep milk bleu cheese, aged four months for intense blue flavor with a mild smoky flavor. Took 3rd Place at the American Cheese Society.

"Big" Mutton Button


Price: $16.10 per pound

Made in 3# wheels, this hard but unpressed cheese is made similar to Brick Cheese. The flavor is bright and sweet with a lemony tartness and will stand with any red wine! Big Mutton Button has won many awards including 2nd place at both the 2011 World Cheese Awards and the...[more]

Black Sheep Truffle


Price: $19.50 per pound

Inspired by the truffled cheese of Italy, Carr Valley has created this award winning sheep milk cheese which is washed in truffle oil and aged over 6 months. Has a sweet unique earthy flavor from the black truffle pieces throughout the cheese. It was awarded 1st Place at the...[more]

Sheep Feta


Price: $13.70 per pound

A Greek cheese made with sheep milk has a very strong, flavorful taste. Great in any salad!



Price: $16.25 per pound

A seasonal cheese made with milk from pastured Wisconsin sheep. It is white in color and its flavor is mellow, complex and sweet - qualities that reminded Sid of his daughter, Marisa for whom he named the cheese. This is a great sheep milk cheese to try if you are new to...[more]

Aged Marisa


Price: $17.80 per pound

Complex sheep milk flavor, and aged to perfection!   Aged for a more intense flavor! Made with pasteurized milk from Wisconsin sheep. Aged Marisa has a strong flavor and is complex with a reminant sheep milk flavor. Aged for 6 months. Perfect with a Chianti, Pinot...[more]

Cave Aged Marisa


Price: $18.80 per pound

A cave - aged beauty! This natural-rind variety gets its complex, sweet and slightly rambunctious flavors from open-air cave aging. As a judges favorite, Cave Aged Marisa has won many prestigious awards including "Best of Show" 1st Runner Up at the 2011 American Cheese...[more]

Smoked Marisa


Price: $17.25 per pound

Made with pasteruized sheep milk from Wisconsin sheep, Smoked Marisa has a mellow, complex and sweet flavor with a wonderfully mild smoky flavor. This gourmet cheese took 3rd Place at the 2011 World Cheese Awards.

Virgin-Pine Native Sheep


Price: $17.95 per pound

This American original was inspired by the great aged sheep milk cheeses in Italy.  Made with 100% sheep milk, this cheese is cave aged for more than nine months with a complex, intense flavor. This cheese won 1st Place in both the 2007 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest...[more]