Celebration Cakes

Tying the Knot cakeWe are pleased to introduce "Carr Valley Celebration Cakes", our newest addition to Carr Valley Cheese. Looking for something to make a special event more memorable? These cakes consist of layers of the finest cheese made right at Carr Valley and are the perfect solution to adding a special touch to any event or celebration. Cakes are available to custom order. Choose from several different varieties of cheese to get exactly what you are looking for. All cheeses are hand-dipped in ivory wax, giving them a beautiful and elegant finish.

Carr Valley Celebration Cakes are the perfect solution for those who do not like traditional cakes that are made with chocolate or icing. However, for those who do, they are a great option to serve on the side as well. These cakes are the perfect item to have at a wedding, especially for couples looking for something a little bit different than a traditional cake. These cakes can also be served alongside a traditional frosted cake as an appetizer or part of the main course. Tiers and different pillars give these cakes a unique and elegant look.

Cheese Varieties

We have many great cheese varieties for you to choose from for your special occasion. Please select from our list of Cake Cheese Varieties (PDF) for the flavorful cow, goat, sheep, and mixed milk cheeses for your celebration cake.

Decorating Ideas

Add a special touch to your cake by decorating it with flowers, fruit, and other figurines. Stack the layers of cheese on each other or use pillars and tiers to separate the cheese. It is easier to use at least two to three different cheeses that are of different sizes in order to make your cheese tower more appealing. Consult your caterer, specialty cake shops, and other specialty bakery stores to find the perfect pillar, cake stand, or separator plate to display your Celebration Cake. Although we do not provide the additional pieces for the cake, here are some ideas to get you started:

Tying the Knot cake

“Tying the Knot”

Decorate this cake with several white roses. Include glass votives with white candles or white lace to complete the look. Approximately nine yards of white beading would be needed to wrap around layers.



Harvest Fruit Cake

“Harvest Fruit”

This simple and easy idea is a quick way to give your cake the personality you may be looking for. Simply add pieces of fruit to add some color to the cake. For a traditional three-layer cake, consider using approximately five red and green apples, five pears, and multiple bunches of both red and green grapes.


Vineyard cake


A perfect choice to serve at the next wine and cheese party. Complete the theme by decorating the cheese with wine glasses as cake toppers. Use grapevine-like leaves to finish the look, intertwining them between stands and layers of cheese. Bunches of both red and green grapes are another great touch, along with wine bottles and rustic vases.


Floral cake


Another easy and inexpensive option to decorating the cake. Use a simple floral arrangement of flowers and ivy. Start at the top of the cake using a bunch of flowers as the cake topper and slowly wrap around layers moving from top to bottom.


How to Serve

Serving Size

We find that approximately one pound of cheese is adequate for about ten people, depending on how the cake is served. Use our cheese as an ingredient in your main dish served at your special event, or cut and serve on a platter as a snacking cheese or an appetizer. The best serving options will vary with the type of cheese you select for your cake. Refer to the pairing suggestions above for more details.


Consult your caterer or food service provider for accommodating the cheese. Upon receiving, refrigerate your Celebration Cake. It is recommended to remove the cake from refrigeration as soon as four hours before serving. In order to fully enjoy the flavors of each variety of cheese, it is best to serve any cheese at room temperature.

Floral cake

Cutting and Preparation

In order to cut the cake to serve, it is important to use an extremely sharp knife. Larger knifes will work best for the larger wheels on the bottom. Cut your cheese in any style you prefer—from cubes to slices. The wax on the outside of the wheel gives our cheese a beautiful finishing touch and protects the cheese from any type of damage or spoilage. You will find that the wax on our cheese is easily removable. In most cases, cheese is easier to work with and to serve once the wax has been removed.

Ordering Information

Each cake must be custom ordered. We find that approximately one pound of cheese is adequate for about ten people, depending on how the cake is served. In order to ensure that your cake is finished on time, please order well in advance of your special event. Choose the number of layers you would like your cake to have along with the type of cheeses you would like as well. Please use this selection guide (PDF) for ordering your cheese wheels.

Pairing Ideas

Planning a dinner party or a night with friends? Add a tasteful experience with Cheese and your favorite beverage. We have done the work for you and have composed a Wine / Beverage Pairing Guide (PDF). This guide makes suggestions as to what beverages complement the tastes of our fine Cheeses.


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